Lashes & brows

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Eyelash & brow color incl. plucking 45min
Give your face a lift by color, pluck and shaping eyebrows properly. Put color on both lashes and brows and get more marked eyes and eyebrows.

Eyelash & brow color 30min
Add color to your lashes and brows for more distincts eyes and brows.
Last up to 4-6 w.

Brow color  15min
Add color to your eyebrows and get more distinct brows.

Brow color & brow plucking 30min
Give your face a lift by color, pick and shaping eyebrows properly.

Brow plucking/waxing 15min
Give your face a lift just by shaping your eyebrows properly.

Eyelash color  30min
Add color to your lashes & get more distincts eyes.

Lash Lift-Permanent Eyelash curl & color 60min
Get a natural bend of your lashes, will last for 5-7 weeks.

RevitaLash Advanced eyelash care is finally back in Sweden, approved & carefully checked to be sold again! RevitaLash was & still is the most effective eyelash product in the market. An application / day in 3-6 week. Then 1-2 times / week to maintain the new length of the lashes.