Dermapen microneedling treatment
Dermapen treatment at Comtesse skincare
Dermapen microneedling face 60min 2.195SEK
Dermapen microneedling face & neck 75min 2.595SEK
Dermapen microneedling face, neck & cleavage 90min 2.995SEK
For Dermapen cure a 4x you will get 10% discount and for a cure a 6x you will get 15% discount.
Payment can be divided into 2 times.
Dermapen and logo
The thin needles make a controlled damage to the skin and then start a healing process with new formation of collagen, in addition, the needles make temporary microchannels that make hyaluronic serum sludge directly into the skin in a very effective way. The result is a rejuvenation of the skin and an improvement of
freezepen före och efterthe skin’s structure and condition. Recommended treatment for: nice lines also around mouth & eyes, skin tightening & skin rejuvenation, large pores, impure skin & acne, milia, pigment rings, rosacea, scars (acne, surgical, burns).

Facial with Chemical peel 75min Price: 1.350SEK
Cleansing, exfoliation, pore cleaning, chemical peel (a deeper acid peel that increases cell renewal, has an enlightening effect on pigmentation and is speech regulating), easy massage & finishing cream.

Freezpen makes your skin flawless.
Cryotherapy called cold surgery / freezing is an effective and safe method. It is used to freeze and remove benign skin changes such as pigmentations, age spots, warts, cherry angiomas, fibromes, skin tags and seborrheic keratoses.
The treatment is virtually painless. A slight burning may occur immediately after treatment.
Consultation is required.
Price from 600SEK, depending on size, on stain and what to remove. Also how many stains it is that you want help with removing.

Intraceuticals-oxygen treatment 45min Price: 1.150SEK
Intraceuticals-oxygenbehandling cure a 4x you will get 10% discount.
Payment can be divided into 2 times.
A beautiful treatment that makes you beautiful without needles and pain! Treatment with two different serum using purified oxygen passed into the skin. The treatment begins with atoxeleneserum working specifically on both dryness lines and age lines. Thereafter, serum containing 95% hyaluronic acid and 5% A, C, vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea, resulting in a maximum saturated skin with nutrients and moisture.
Treatment is cell regeneration, reduces lines and some disappear entirely. The skin will bounce and hold. Suitable for all skin types.

Dr.Schrammek herb peeling
Dr.Schrammek herb peeling (pre-and after treat.) 2x60min Price: 2.200SEK
Herb peeling massaged into to bed as crystals under the skin. After a few days there it´s a peeling and regeneration of the skin. Reduces acne, large pores, oily-acne skin and scar tissue. The treatment includes pore cleansing. After a week, we do a treatment which is a facial massage with a focus on eliminating the last layer.

After treatment Dr.Schrammek herb peeling
This treatment is the finishing of Dr.Schrammek herbpeeling with focus on massage to remove the last peel. The skin will gain a whole new luster!