Vackra ögon och fräsch solbränna


Beautiful eyes & a nice tan! Combine a Lash Lift with fringe & brow color incl. shaping eyebrows & finish with a spray tan. Campaign price: SEK 1390 Ord. Price: SEK 1690

Spraytan whole body incl face

The products I use are vegan. They are available in several shades & do not shower until 8h after treatment. The color turns golden brown & lasts for about 8-14 days. Important before spraytan is to be clean from products such as make-up, deodorant, perfume & oily creams. Dark, loose-fitting clothing & shoes are recommended…

Comtesse skincare

Offer in April

Get power & recharge the batteries This offer in April has only relaxation & recovery in focus! Massage of back, shoulders, neck & scalp including a light facial treatment with cleansing & facial massage. 60min Price: 680sek Welcome to book! In these Corona times, I have released my policy of 24 hour cancellation so far.…

Academie Travel kit

Offer July

Make a facial treatment incl. fringe & brown color OR buy two sun products from Academie & get a Travel kit from Academie (value 295kr) The offer is valid throughout July. Travel kit: cleaning 2in1 is a gentle cleansing with peeling that can be used daily, a light moisturizer & a repairing and moisturizing face…

Dermapen Cover Recover spf 30

Info about Dermapen summertime

Information about Dermapen treatment in the summer: Yes, it goes really well! Dermapen microneedling is from Australia and the treatment is done worldwide, all year round. The important thing is how to protect your skin, whether or not you have done Dermapen treatment. The face should always be protected with at least spf 30. Dermapen…

Teresa authorized skinteraphist

Comtesse skincare is a certified esthetician

Choose an authorized beauty therapist who is a member of SHR. Members of SHR has a guaranteed solid training and performs professional treatments. They follow ethical rules and have treatmentinsurance. LEARNING – QUALITY – STATUS