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Dermapen treatment

Dermapen (face) microneedling treatment for INTRODUCTION PRICE 1795kr (ord price 2195kr) The thin needles make a controlled damage to the skin and then start a healing process with new formation of collagen, in addition, the needles make temporary microchannels that make hyaluronic serum sludge directly into the skin in a very effective way. The result…

Teresa authorized skinteraphist

Comtesse skincare is a certified esthetician

Choose an authorized beauty therapist who is a member of SHR. Members of SHR has a guaranteed solid training and performs professional treatments. They follow ethical rules and have treatmentinsurance. LEARNING – QUALITY – STATUS

Babor products

BABORs research takes place mainly in natural plant extracts whose effectiveness is evaluated in dermatological tests. Our creams are manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards and undergo rigorous quality testing before the end of our skilled therapists.