DP Dermaceuticals

DP Dermaceutical
Dermapen Dermaceuticals are specifically designed to enhance outcomes of micro-needling and other skin procedures, DP Dermaceuticals™ are suitable for all skin types and skin colors.

DP Dermaceuticals products are created in collaboration with dermatologists and other specialists and contain high-quality ingredients that ensure that the skin receives the nutrition, protection and resilience it needs for best results before, during and after Dermapen4 microneedling treatment.

They are approved for needling into the skin.

These products are also used as so-called ”Mesoglides” (the pen slides more easily over the skin) during treatment and when they are let down into the skin, this further improves the result.

They contain a patented complex called Hylafuse complex and which consists of three hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes that work at different depths in the skin.

Is intensely moisturizing, repairing and has protective properties.
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